Hello and welcome..!

14 Mar


So, this is a blog for Cardiff Feminist Network – a new network which does what it say on the tin. A group of us have met up a few times this year after I set up a Facebook group to see if anybody would be interested in helping me to organise a grassroots feminist festival in Cardiff. Turns out there’s quite a lot of interest – so we thought it’d be a good idea to set up a network to meet regularly, both to plan the festival and also as a forum for feminist discussion, debate, activism, campaigning, socialising, and so on.

The festival, ‘Breaking the Waves’, will be taking place in March 2011 – check out the ‘Links’ part of the blog for more info on that and links to our Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo sites.

As for the network – we’ll be meeting up fortnightly in Cardiff. Meetings will alternate between discussions, with a different theme for each meeting; and social events, including roadtrips and get-togethers. The discussion meetings will also include some time for festival updates and planning.

The next meeting will take place in the evening of Wednesday 24 March (exact time and venue tbc). The theme will be “what feminism means to us”. This seems like a good opening topic, and hopefully we’ll be having some interesting discussion around what it means to us to call ourselves “feminists”; definitions of feminism; what we think the main issues are for feminism today; priorities for action; and should hopefully show some similarities and differences in viewpoints. Everyone is welcome!

So yes. Welcome aboard! And bear with me while I remember how WordPress works (I know it’s easy but it’s been a while..!)



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