Next Meeting: Objectification

15 Apr

Questions for Discussion

* What does ‘objectification’ mean?
* What’s so bad about objectification anyway?
* Are there differences in the ways different groups of women are objectified? e.g. disabled women, BME women, bisexual women, lesbians, older women etc.
* How high a priority should objectification be for British feminism? Why?
* Actions we could take

Interesting links to inform discussion (will add more if I come across them by next week)

Object – organisation that campaigns against the objectification of women in culture and the media

Feminists Against Censorship – does what it says in the title!

Sociological Images – lots of interesting images here. I’ve linked to the ‘objectification’ tag

Notes from a meeting about lads mags which we had with the Cardiff old feminist group.

Stop Making this a Sex Object Thing – livejournal post by a disabled sex positive feminist


* Ground rules for discussion meetings (chair will bring some to discuss with group)
* Feedback from events this week (pre-election “What About Women?” debate and “Women in Politics in Wales and the World”)
* Roadtrip to Bristol Feminist Network for the UK Feminista visit on 28 April
* Use of the blog
* We might need to think of a bigger meeting space
* I’m still trying to get hold of Chapter re: Breaking the Waves festival…


Date: Wednesday 21st April

Time: 6pm – 8pm

Place:  The Yurt at the back of Milgi Lounge, City Road Roath

Google map here.

Buses 38 and 39 from town centre


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