Bristol Trip: Report

3 May

Last week a few of us headed over to Bristol, to hear more about the activities of UK Feminista, the Bristol Feminist Network, and share activism ideas.

-Kat Banyard talked about the aims of UK Feminista, and the advantages of having a hub through which news and resources can be shared.
-There was discussion of the BFN and Fawcett (Bristol Branch)’s success in challenging the opening of a lap dancing club in Bristol. [One topic of discussion amongst CFN after focused on how any such campaigns might be conducted without alienating the women who work in the clubs.]
-We also discussed other activism strategies. One that we should think about further is that of starting letter writing campaigns (e.g. for Wales Rape Crisis Help Line)
-There was talk about publicity and the image of feminism. A useful tactic for CFN might be to make business cards/flyers (to target women’s magazines?) to make ourselves known, gather momentum, and get more people involved!

Future events:

-CFN Social meeting, WED 5th May, the Albany, Cardiff.
-PLUS: Forthcoming feminist activism summer school organised by UK feminista (projected dates, 31st July/1st August, London. for updates, watch this space!)


One Response to “Bristol Trip: Report”

  1. M May 4, 2010 at 11:22 am #

    Glad the issue about not alienating women who work in the clubs was raised in the discussion. I look forward to hearing more about it all tomorrow.

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