Social Meeting, Wednesday 5th

3 May

Time for a social meeting, to start getting to know each other and enjoy feminist conversation and company!
When: 19.30
Where: The Albany pub. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available, seating outside.
Accessibility Information
The website says the pub is wheelchair accessible and has a disabled toilet.

Google Map here:

Buses 28, 29 and 29B from town centre. Get off at the first stop on Albany Road.
Buses 38 and 39 will take you to the top of City Road if you can get off there and walk.
The nearest train station is Cathays train station, but if you’re wanting to catch a bus, I’d recommend getting off at Queen Street and getting the bus from Churchill Way.
Parking in the Albany Road area is difficult as it’s mainly residential.

Leave a message here if you’d like any further information, we’ll get back to you asap!
To be discussed (informally): accessibility and inclusivity, with regards to neutral meeting spaces. Let us know (either in person, or in comments here) if you have any views on this that you want to make sure are aired.


One Response to “Social Meeting, Wednesday 5th”

  1. Jen May 4, 2010 at 7:38 pm #

    Just to add to the bus info – you can get the 57 or 58 from behind John Lewis (near the Golden Cross pub) straight to Albany Rd if you’re coming from the station,

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