1st CFN Steering Group meeting this Wednesday

9 May

Hi all,

We’ve decided on a new meeting structure – we’re going to set up a steering group, and CFN will meet 3 times a month – one steering group meeting, one discussion meeting and one social every month, with a week off in between. The order will be steering group > week off (to promote and organise the discussion meeting) > discussion meeting > social.

The reason for the steering group is that here are loads of brilliant ideas coming from members of the Network, and we want to ensure we make the most of those ideas, and to share the work of organising CFN’s meetings and socials so that a few people don’t end up overworked and everyone gets chance to input. Also in recognition of the fact that not everyone will want to / have time to get involved in everything – some of us will be into socialising but not strategic direction, or activism but not organising, and everyone has different interests, which is great 🙂

The steering group meeting will take place in Nina’s house in Roath, near City Road, this Wednesday 12 May at 8pm. For directions and address, please check out the Facebook event (it’s a closed event due to it being at Nina’s personal address, but CFN group members have been invited) or email me – hannah.austin1984@hotmail.co.uk.

The steering group is for people who are able to meet up regularly; to commit the time and energy needed to do the operational work of organising meetings and activities; decide on discussion topics for discussion meetings; and act as a core group of organisers. If this sounds like you, come along!

It’s no problem if the organising/strategic side of things isn’t something you have time / inclination to do – you can still take part in other activities with CFN and get involved as and when you can/want to. If you can’t make this meeting but want to be on the steering group, that’s fine too, just come to the next one if you can and email me any ideas you want put forward before Wednesday.

Hannah x


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