Makey Makey Social

23 May

Hi everyone,

Just a short message to remind you about the arts social occurring on Thursday the 3rd of June.

So far we have not heard from anyone bar one person and there are two suggestions including a night of origami which Sally ingenuously suggested to change into art-activism: we could turn it into a bit of a demo about the closure of the WWNC for example by delivering 1000 paper cranes to the minister who has decided to have the funding cut.

I personally find the idea amusing and I very much like the idea of using art in a fun way to draw attention to issues and to us, as we need to make ourselves visible as a group. Another idea was to make posters of positive representations of women. But maybe we could do both and use them both as activist art? We would love to hear your opinions and are hoping to have a massive night of makey makey fun.

Contact us at if you have ideas, suggestions,etc Would be great to hear back from you!


One Response to “Makey Makey Social”

  1. M May 24, 2010 at 7:57 am #

    Andy can demonstrate knitting.

    I’m not very crafty, sorry!

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