Arts and Crafts Social

30 May

Hi all,

As you all know the next CFN social will be held at the Cardiff Arts Institute on Thursday the 3rd of June from 7 to 9, come along and delight in a bit of makey makey fun! Plans for the night include:

– A crane making galore offered by Sally
– A knitting session as kindly demonstrated by Andy
– A collage session as proposed by Candice

As we don’t have finance for crafty stuff, I suggest you bring along bits and bobs, things to cut out, scissors, a bit of glue… we could then put all our materials together and share them.
Even simply old newspapers/flyers can come in extremely handy! For those of you interested by stitching, I may also bring a sewing machine that will be kindly donated to the CFN by Alisa who will sadly be leaving us shortly.
We had a few other suggestions that will be used for upcoming arty socials so don’t worry if you don’t see yours there, we have read and appreciated it, it was only a matter of not having too many things going on! As a side note, the C.A.I are having a live band after that, so if any of you fancy extending the social, there will be the chance to do so.

Any queries, contact us at the usual:
Emilie & Sally


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