Say No To Hooters in Cardiff

5 Aug

Say NO to Hooters in Cardiff

The American family restaurant, that calls itself a sports themed place but looks more like a strip club, is set to open in Cardiff City Centre.

I just has a call from a guy in the echo about Hooters opening on Mary Ann Street, right by Cineworld and John Lewis…Hooters is an american chain family restaurant come porn shop lap dancing strip club’…see more info here..

The deadline for objections to the licensing people is Aug 11th – has anyone ever written such a letter before?
Is anyone up for making our feminist voices known at the time of the committee meeting?

Emails of objection can be sent to

But emails must be there before the end of the consultation period which is the 11th August.

Check out the F word link below, a bit of a blog about hooters….and get tapping!;

Object link below – org that combats objectification – may be something useful on there….;

Next thing – anyone free to come and do a protest outside city hall on Wednesday? Email


2 Responses to “Say No To Hooters in Cardiff”

  1. Donna Stevenson August 6, 2010 at 9:21 am #


    I think it’s interesting that recently AM Jonathan Morgan was reported as saying “the city experience was boosted by its new shopping centre but still relied too much on “cheap-looking nightclubs” and that the Council has also been running an online questionaire about Cardiff at night and yet they are still willing to allow a restaurant chain like Hooters which clearly objectifies women.

    I have written to my local MP for some answers. I would suggest that as many people as possible fill in the council’s questionnair and make a point of mentioning Hooters in their answers.

  2. Donna Stevenson August 6, 2010 at 12:36 pm #

    just to let you know – I have been told the email for the complaints is

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