MEDIA RELEASE: First ever Bi Visibility Day celebration in Wales

23 Sep

September 23rd is celebrated internationally as Bi Visibility Day and International Celebrate Bisexuality Day. 

This year, for the first time ever, bi people, friends and allies and organisations are coming together to mark this day in Wales. Bi Cymru/Wales supported by Cardiff County Council are holding a free talks and workshops event today, Thursday 23rd September, 1:30-4pm in County Hall, Cardiff.

In addition to the support of Cardiff Council, South Wales Police, and Gwent Police will be speaking at the event to show progress they are making towards full bisexual inclusion. Gwent police are the first police force to add the category of biphobic hate crime to all hate crime reports and are leading the way in tackling biphobia and biphobic hate crime.

The day-time event is followed by a free evening social from 7pm in the lower bar, WOW, Churchill Way, Cardiff. Both welcome bi supportive people and allies.

Ele Hicks from Bi Cymru/Wales said “This important event marks progress towards an end to biphobia and the stigma of being bisexual.” She added “Even in 2010 the word bisexual is rarely uttered and individuals and characters are often referred to as turning gay or lesbian when they come out as having had relationships with people of the same sex. We need to engender a culture where we think of bisexual as a possibility, rather than this world where the only options are gay and straight”

Kay Barnes from Bi Cardiff said “In 2010 we mark Bi Visibility Day for the first time in Wales thanks to the support of Cardiff Council. It is important for bisexual people to know they are not alone and that their sexual orientation is as valid as any other. Tackling invisibility is an important step in this process.”

Simon Manley from Bi Swansea added “We are delighted to be part of this event and to bring bisexual people together with supportive friends and allies, especially from Cardiff Council, South Wales Police and Gwent Police to celebrate bisexuality and provide a much needed network for bi people, who often feel isolated and alone. We hope this event is the first of many to come.”


Notes to the editor:

 1: Bi Cymru/Wales is the All-Wales social support network for bisexual people and those who think they may be bi.

2: Bi Cymru/Wales was set up in November 2007 following BiCon 2007 (the National Bisexual Convention) in Trefforest

3: Bi Cymru/Wales is a constituted voluntary organisation set up to challenge biphobia; promote bisexual inclusion; provide social support across Wales and to promote and foster local groups

4: Bi Swansea and Bi Cardiff each have their own committees and structures, but are affiliated to Bi Cymru/Wales. They meet monthly.

5: For more information or quotes contact Bi Cymru/Wales on 07982 308812 or by email:

6. To contact Bi Swansea email:

 7: To contact Bi Cardiff email:


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