3 Feminist Actions you can do in less than 5 minutes

3 Feb

Firstly, Ugandan lesbian, Brenda Namigadde faces deportation tomorrow. She fears that if she returns to Uganda, she will be killed or face up to 14 years imprisonment for her sexuality. There is bill currently going through Ugandan parliament calling for harsher sentences for ‘serial homosexuals’, with the main suggestion being the death penalty. There is a petition to sign which will go to Theresa May in hopes that she halts the deportation:

Secondly, 38 Degrees have a campaign to put pressure on Cameron and Clegg to sign new rules which aim at preventing human trafficking in the EU. These new guidelines would work towards making sure EU countries work together to prevent trafficking, ensuring successful prosecution and making sure victims of trafficking are properly looked after.

And the last action. Kanye West’s new music video, ‘Monster’ is to feature extreme violence against women. The trailer shows dead women hanging from meat hooks wearing nothing but stilettos and Kanye West kissing a female corpse, to mention but a few. Violence against women is completely glamourised and eroticized. If this gets released, there will be no end to women-hating in music videos. There is a petition to prevent the release of this video here.

Please sign these petitions – they are being noticed and we can do something to help change.


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