“Bodies and Selves” artists’ profiles

28 Feb

Bodies and Selves includes a group of artists whose selected works engage in a feminist discourse. United by the common theme of the body, each artist offers a unique perspective on the subject, influenced but not limited by personal background and experience. Curated by Cardiff based artist Emilie Collins, the exhibition features work by both female and male artists at different stages in their careers and working in a variety of media.

Lauren Foulkes graduated with a  fine art degree in painting. She recurrently uses drawing,  painting and collage but has recently added a three dimensional element to her work.

” The themes I explore in my work, ideas surrounding pretence and reality. I am interested in make-believe, fairy tale culture, childhood memory and the transition of innocence. I am intrigued with what fairy tales convey and how they achieve it. How make believe can reflect reality and vice versa. A wolf dressed in ladies clothing creates an image that holds both contradiction and danger, it is the oddity of the situation that appeals. I am attracted to the tension created when fear, comedy, comfort and awkwardness come together “

Spike Dennis is an artist/maker/imaginator currently based in South Wales. Having originally graduated with a bachelor degree followed by a masters degree in fine art painting, Spike has allowed his practice to evolve in a multidisciplinary fashion though he still profusely uses the media of drawing and painting.

” My work is born of numerous contradictions; pixelated memories and distorted dreams are synchronous in the physical reality of the present. New autonomous entities  evolve from these dissonant sources of inspiration. Multiples become important to both the fluid creative processes involved in the creation of these objects and to the stimulation of the spectator. Objects are physical, theoretical, without identity and free from a fixed definitions. They are instilled with a life of their own at once bearing reference to their source whilst also firing the spectator’s imagination and creating new meanings; new beginnings, as a result of their inimitable physical presence (…) “

To learn more about Spike and his work, visit http://spikeworld.co.uk/

Edel Cronin utilizes the language of paint, aiming to reinterpret the narrative associated with the female form within the context of the media. Discussing these themes within the realm of fine art is a particularly important aspect of Edel’s work as it is a tool which has manipulated the female form and placed unrealistic expectations on the female body for centuries.She is keen to avoid condemning fine art for this, istead attempting to re-evaluate the relationship between it and female form.

Scale plays a significant role in all her work. The small scale creates a more intimate relationship with the viewer, inscribing the viewer within the work, and subsequently forcing them to challenge their perception of what they find. Through extracting imagery directly from a variety of media sources and encapuslating it within the language of paint, Edel intends to progress the manner in which the female form is interpreted.

” The surveyor of woman in herself is male: the surveyed female. Thus she turns herself into an object -and most particularly an object of sight”

Ways of Seeing, John Berger

Diba Mehrabi is a Persian artist now based in Cardiff. She studied fine art and cinema in Iran as well as sculpture at Moscow university. She started teaching panting in Tehran’s school at the age of 19, later studying and working as a painter, decorator, caricaturist and film maker in Iran.
She is currently in her final year of Contemporary Textile practice at UWIC. Her current work explores the plight of the Iranian people fighting for their freedom.


Tomasz Zawistowski studied graphic communication in Cardiff and is now based in Warsaw, Poland. Tomasz approaches its subjects with a peculiar sensitivity, working in a multi-disciplinary fashion although favouring the media of drawing, photography and painting. His most recent work is an exploration of society’s perception of sexuality and questions its troublesome relation to it.

Marielle Hogg is an artist and maker currently based in Cardiff after completing a degree in Printmaking. Most of her work is inspired by the figurative form, often representing the female figure which Marielle sees as the expression of her identity as a woman.

Paul Avis is primarily a photographer and has in interest in promoting the photographic arts through his website http://www.oneofeditions.com. He is also the picture editor of Blown magazine,  a Wales based cultural publication.

Window Artists:

Milgi will welcome two graffiti artists working in collaboration for their trademark renewable window piece.

Cardiff born artist and designer Lou Lockwood began as a furniture maker in the late 80’s working with cardboard, timbers and steel fabrications. She continued her development as a designer through the field of architecture during the 90’s, working in professional practice and teaching on the Interior Architecture course at Howard Gardens school of Art & Design.  Notable works include Falmouth College of Art at the Combined Universities of Cornwall (CUC) and the Academy of St Francis of Assisi, Liverpool.

Following the death of her son Bill in January 2007, Lou set up the Roxe Foundation, a voluntary community arts organisation.  The Foundation hosts the annual Roxe Jam event and works in partnership with young people on various commissions and exhibitions.  Lou has been inspired to take up graffiti and paints regularly under the name ENTA.  Her aims for the future are to continue the work of the Roxe Foundation and to establish further legal graffiti sites around the city.

For more information about Lou’s organisation, visit http://roxejam.co.uk/

Sophie Barras, also known as Lilmiz Mc, is a  DJ, printmaker, photographer, artist as well as a self confessed Bmx Bandit and Knitter based in Cardiff.

” I studied BTEC General Art & Design courses after leaving school at both Dudley Tech and Bourneville Art colleges from 1991-93 covering Fine Art, Photography and Textiles.  I`ve lived in Cardiff now for 17 years, working for the past 10 years as an IT Project Manager before leaving the desk job in September 2010 to become a self employed artist.

More recently I have been working with a Leeds based arts collective called ‘Best Joined Up’ and Locally I work collaboratively with a number of artists from the Boilerhouse and Roxe Foundation, regularly participating in Street Art and currently studying photography at Ffotogallery.  I am a member and studio holder at the Printhaus in Canton, where I produce screen prints “



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