The F Word’s Radio Shows

20 Jun

Guess what. I’ve just found the archive for The F Word’s radio shows on Co Op Radio. (That’s the the F Word Media Collective,  in Vancouver, BC.)

Their last show is all about the waves. And it features an interview with Dr. Sunera Thobani. Here’s my favourite part of the interview.

The individualism that lies at the heart of western feminism also lies at the heart of neoliberalism. The whole corporate agenda is being driven in the name of free choice, individual responsibility, and feminists actually further that discourse, and so in many ways feminists are furthering a neoconservative ideological position. Individualism, of course, lies at the heart of capitalism. And feminists continue to further an ideology which I think is really very detrimental to the interests of most women who live on the planet because it is collective interests and it’s social interests and social well being that should be at the centre of our politics. Not individualism, individualism individual choice actually furthers what the current system is based on.



One Response to “The F Word’s Radio Shows”

  1. smashesthep June 22, 2011 at 4:18 pm #

    Great, great quote! Thank you for the links.

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