IWD Week – Unveiled Views Film Night

12 Mar

REEL OUTLOOKS – Documentary film nights presents…

UNVEILED VIEWS – Muslim Women Artists Speak Out
Monday 19th March, 8 pm – at Gwdihŵ Café Bar

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Reel Outlooks’ next film “Unveiled Views” will be paying tribute to activist women comitted to changing the world using art. The film will be followed by a discussion hosted by us, Cardiff Feminist Network.

UNVEILED VIEWS – Muslim Women Artists Speak Out (2009, 52min)

A favourite quote from the film:

“God has sent us to this world to explore our expression, to add to the beauty of this world, not to take away”

– Nahid Siddiqui

Spanish director Alba Sotorra Clua hitchhiked to Bosnia and through to Pakistan to film 5 extraordinary women talk about their occupations, aspirations and the rights and status of women in their Muslim countries. These self-portraits of hope, heroism and pride challenge conventional Western stereotypes about women in the Islamic world.

Alma Suljevic, clearing mine fields in Bosnia.
Eren Keskin, human rights lawyer in Turkey.
Rakhshan Bani-Etemad, film director in Iran.
Moshagan Saadat, young poet in Afghanistan.
Nahid Siddiqui, renowned Pakistani dancer.

View the trailer:

WHERE: Gwdihw Café Bar, 6 Guildford Crescent, off Churchill Way, CF10 2HJ



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