A Few Women in Cardiff Rising

22 Jan

So… yes… hello again! It’s been rather a long while since we last posted here. I can’t give you a reason because I don’t have one and, anyway, it doesn’t matter now.

I won’t promise you that I can update this blog every day/week/whatever but I will do what I can. Conversely, if you would like to contribute to the blog, please let us know.

So, what’s new?

On one word: lots. It’s a busy time of year for Welsh feminist activism and culture. We’ve got Reclaim the Night, Birkenstock, and One Billion Rising. As well, we’ve also got a regular book club on the go and a nearly-regular tea & social event.

Some brief details about the events coming up:

rtnReclaim the Night is an event which takes place all over Britain. Our Welsh RtN will be co-hosted this year by Welsh Women’s Aid and NUS Wales who are working hard to bring together women from all over the country to reclaim the streets for one night. Keep your ears peeled (eyes to the ground?) for more details coming soon.







OBROne Billion Rising – Cardiff is the local rising of an international event founded by Eve Ensler (or Vagina Monologues notoriety). For 15 minutes, we’re taking over the streets – not to shout, but to dance.







pbksBirkenstomp, usually known as Birkenstock, is a quarterly event run by a small group of women from the Cardiff Feminist Network. The main premise of the event is to showcase Welsh and Welsh-residing women’s art, music, poetry, comedy, crafts, ideas, ideals and cake. Come along for some DIY feminist festivities.








The Cardiff Feminist Bookclub is a new addition to the Cardiff feminist calendar. We come together bi-monthly to talk about our current read (January’s is The Second Sex) and have the occasional social too.

And that’s about it for now (except the CFN socials, which you can find out about here).

Sorry I’ve not included any jokes, but it’s just not funny trying to work from home when the Boy Child is watching Horrible Histories for the millionth time – the theme song is the very worst ear worm).

Yours in desperation,



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