8 Feb


The organisers of Birkenstomp are looking for poets and artists to take part in their next event. If you feel up to the challenge of showing your talent in a supportive and laid back environment, please leave a comment after this post or on this page.

Poets are invited to take part in a poetry stomp – also know as a poetry slam – which will be organising and compered by Mab Jones, one of Cardiff’s most infamous and potty-mouthed poets. Here are the STOMP RULES (by Mab Jones)

* You must be female to take part! Cos this is a celebration of female creativity.

* You can be any gender to vote! Everyone who comes along will receive 1 x voting slip.

* If you want to take part, you must read poem(s) and/or prose of roughly 4 minutes duration.

* (There will be a 30 second leeway on this, cos we are kind)

* I (Mab) will let you know when your time’s up by previously agreed means (maybe with this magic wand I got in a charity shop which makes a funny noise)

* What you read must also have been written by you.

* Can you sign up in advance by emailing Mab at:

* This is a competition, of sorts, but it’s not to be taken seriously. As the audience will be voting, and they may be tipsy!

* There will be 3 prizes: audience vote; Mab’s vote; and ‘the booby prize’, for the best poem on boobs, if you want to write one! This prize to be decided by the audience too.

* Prizes will be books, kindly supplied by Parthian (thanks, Parthian!)

Any media permitted as long as it can be hung on a washing line so go mad with your biro or crazy with charcoal.
They will then be consolidated for a group show at a later date in another gallery (TBC).
We would prefer works of a uniform measurement (due to overall ‘tessellation’ of works) but everything is considered, just no works larger than A2 please.
Works to be submitted on the day (03/03/13) at Gwdihw or by arrangement if you cannot make this date.
 Whether you’re professional or amateur, your work is absolutely welcome. We are more interested in hearing your stories and seeing your art than in form or perfection.
We hope to hear from you soon.

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