Video 12 Feb

So, we’re busy putting the last touches on our preparations for the One Billion Rising event we have going on this Thursday on V-Day. If you would like to know more details, please email for an instruction sheet/link to event page. It’s not visible to members of the public as it is supposed to be a surprise! But it’s not a bad surprise… it won’t stop you from getting on a bus or a train… we won’t be organising any lie-downs in the middle of the street… just pure, simple fun!

At the moment, there are hundreds of countries signed up, thousands of organisations and groups, and hundreds of thousands of individuals. This campaign has big ambitions. And so do we… we have a few hundred individuals signed up to our very own Cardiff rising… so many more than we envisaged at the start! It’s refreshing to know that there are plenty of local women and men who share our vision because, y’know what, it’s not always obvious. Feminism can be a little slow to move sometimes and it’s events like these that galvanise our thoughts and ideas and efforts once more. I, personally, really hope that this will be a gateway into more grassroots activism, new friendships and new networks. I hope that it will be a slight reminder to the politicians currently discussing the Violence Against Women (Wales) consultation that we are watching them (more news coming on that soon). I hope it will lead to a new wave of activity that will plug the funding gap in the third sector that is happening all over Wales and the UK (George Osborne, you big bastard). I hope we all have fun. Not ‘lite feminism’ kinda fun… just fun…

And for some non-fun, a reminder of why we’re doing the event (video attached).



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