Birkenstomp – International Women’s Day special – 3.3.13

20 Feb

I want to tell you a bit about Birkenstomp, a fem-festival I started in the Spring of 2011. It was inspired by another festival, Women In Tune, at which I have been volunteering since 2006. What I loved so much about WIT was its pure, unashamed stance in showing only women’s art in a women-only space. Although I didn’t carry that ethos word-for-word with me into Birkenstomp, it has inspired me nevertheless. To date, Birkenstomp has hosted over 50 women artists and musicians and countless other craftswomen, photographers and  volunteers.

It started off as Birkenstock. It was a lighthearted p*sstake of the sweeping stereotype of lesbians and feminists in Birkenstock and a play on the word, Woodstock. However, since its inception, retailers of the shoe have started to ‘like’ the page on FB, so I’ve made the decision to change it to Birkenstomp. This name was inspired – well, given – by Mab Jones. She will be hosting a stomp (aka poetry slam) at the next event which leads to the inevitable Birkenstomp. What a great name!

Before I head off, I’d like to tell you a little bit about the extra-special and extra-diverse programme which we have schedules for the next event which is happening on SUNDAY 3rd MARCH 2013 from 4pm till late.

Live music-wise, we have STEPHANIE FINEGAN, who is one of my favourite musicians of all time. Her ingenuity and honest humour really-honestly-do set her wide apart from most other musicians. She played at the last IWD special in 2012 and I think that whoever missed her really missed out, so I’ve brought her back.

BLUETONGUE – our token male performers of the evening take shape in this dual-core philosophico-folk-rock mentality. Absolutely witty and entertaining.

FAITH TAY – an unknown quantity! She was recommended to me by Efa Supertramp, my favourite anarcha-punk songstress (ever!) so I am already looking forward to Faith.

LAURENCE MADE ME CRY – a local musician about to release her new album, The Diary of Me. I have heard the album and it is WICKED! But you’re out of luck, I’m afraid, because her official launch isn’t until the Friday after BKS. But she will be treating us to a pre-launch taster.


Mab Jones will be hosting the stomp for the evening. This is our mainstay for the evening and prizes will be given out to the winner. You’ve never seen an all-women stomp before… and it’s happening here in Cardiff!


We will be showing The F Word, a film made by local film-makers, Coral Worth, Silva Huws and Svetlana Miko. It explores the feminist scene in Cardiff, both in the past and present, and the state of feminism in the world today. Really touching, thought-provoking work.


Wash It Out, an art performance by Elen Mai-Wyn Jones, Beth Greenhaugh & James Hill.

We are a collaborative trio and one of our focuses, whether consciously or not is the dynamic of our relation to each other. As friends, as gender, love, doubt, fear, suspicion, panic, sexuality and power. The ways we explore this is by using performance, sound, installation and light as a medium to portray a type of story/narrative within ourselve and the space we inhabit.

CRAFTIVISM by Sian Lile-Passmore and friends. Meet outside in the yard for lessons in how to make your own feminist crafts. Get your political knit on.

WOMEN’S ART – curated by Sara Giro Correia & Arron Kuiper

Art will be exhibited in a creative fashion, as made necessary by the smallness of Gwdihw. Expect to see some interesting work hung up in some very interesting places. This promises to be a diverse showing of work from all corners of Cardiff.

HENNA by Shrouk El-Attar. Shrouk, one of Cardiff’s most loved, brings you sunshine in the form of henna.


A campaign led by local Cardiff woman, Bryony Morgan. She will be at Birkenstomp to give you more information about the campaign, what it aims to do and the reason why it exists.


Campaigners who are working to curb the distress caused by anti-abortionists walking into the BPAS clinic on St. Mary Street will be here to talk about the counter-vigil … expect to see them milling around, being serious serious serious… oh, now they’re drunk. In other words, this is on a strictly informal basis. 

So plenty to come along for and, as usual, it’s free entry. I know how hard it is to made ends meet in a crap economy like this – and friendships and networks matter most at such times – so, for these reasons, we ask not for your money, but for your presence. Enjoy yourselves, everyone. See you soon.




2 Responses to “Birkenstomp – International Women’s Day special – 3.3.13”

  1. Dee Geraghty March 1, 2013 at 10:09 pm #

    Hi, looking forward to being at Birkenstomp. Whereabouts in Cardiff is it happening? Is it at Chapter? Would you reply to my email address above? Thanks. Dee

    • feministcardiff March 12, 2013 at 11:19 am #

      OMG, so sorry that none of us got this in time. Did you manage to get to BKS in the end?

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