BIRKENSTOMPING all over Cardiff

12 Mar

Many apologies for a sore lack of post-event(ual) wordage about Birkenstomp. If you were there, you know how packed & exciting the event was. It was the busiest one so far, with about 300 people altogether having walked through the doors throughout the day. 

We played Riot Grrl music. We hosted a stage for open-mic-ers to perform their work. We provided space to show women’s art. We sold vagina cupcakes(!) to raise money for a portable PA to be used at future events and rallies. We had a STOMP, hosted by Mab Jones, which presented 14 women poets from all over Wales. We had henna, anarcha-feminist zines, and prizes. We heard music by Laurence Made Me Cry, Bluetongue, Stephanie Finegan, and Faith Taylor. We even had Lou Noble play a set with her baby, Shanti, on her back! 

But instead of going on and on about how great it was, here are some pictures to prove it (with photos coming from the organiser soon):ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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