Free events coming up…

18 Apr

While at work, I’ve come across details of two events coming up in the near and nearish future in Cardiff. The first one is this ‘Policy Cafe’ at Cardiff University, due to take place next week – Tuesday 23rd April. Absolutely everyone is welcome, but you do have to register in order to attend (I guess it is so that the organisers can be sure that they have enough seats?). The main question of the event is ‘What and Who Needs Funding in Wales’? An emotion-loaded question for a lot of us reading this, I would imagine! Personally, I’m going to this event because there is plenty of funding that Cardiff Feminist Network could do with having and it would be great to get some insight into the workings-out of the people who award funding in Wales. Who knows? This could spell the beginning of some more exciting times for CFN.

Details for this event can be found here.

The second event, perhaps of more relevance to CFN members, is the Women’s Equality Network conference on June 21st at the Coal Exchange. The theme of this particular event is ‘CEDAW – Your Rights as Women In Wales’. EXCITING! An actual conference organised by feminists for feminist for free! Which, to my mind, is such a refreshing event because women in Wales tend not to have a fat lot of cash. Not the ones I know, anyway. However, you are more than welcome to make a donation to WEN if you so wish. This will help them to put on more free events in the future.

More details for this event can be found here.



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