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Candidate responses to CFN General Election manifesto

25 Apr

A number of Cardiff candidates have responded to the CFN general election manifesto…

Here is a document that outlines the responses so far:…/CFN%20manifesto%20-%20candidate%2…

Please share this information on social media – and it would be fab if people could:

  • Tweet at candidates who haven’t responsed so far (this a great way of getting in touch publicly) and/or
  • Email your local candidates who haven’t responded so far. You can find their email addresses here:

CFN General Election Manifesto

14 Apr

Votes for WomenWith one month to go until the general election, women in Cardiff have been discussing how they will vote on the 7th May.

Cardiff Feminist Network wants to elect MPs who will speak up, campaign and vote in the interests of women. As a result, we have identified a number of issues that are important to women in Cardiff – these stemmed from the discussions at the CFN meeting earlier this year, where 30-40 people discussed their priorities for the network in the coming year. As agreed at the meeting, a small group compiled the manifesto and it was signed off at the CFN meeting on Wednesday.

Today we have sent the manifesto to all of the candidates standing in the four Cardiff constituencies next month and asked them to let us know which of the 15 statements they are happy to sign up to.  You can access the manifesto here and the response form here.

It would be great if you could contact your candidates and urge them to respond to our email and let us know whether they will be supporting the 15 statements. And let us know if you get any responses! You can find out who your candidates are here.

If you’re a candidate, please email your response form to: