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Free events coming up…

18 Apr

While at work, I’ve come across details of two events coming up in the near and nearish future in Cardiff. The first one is this ‘Policy Cafe’ at Cardiff University, due to take place next week – Tuesday 23rd April. Absolutely everyone is welcome, but you do have to register in order to attend (I guess it is so that the organisers can be sure that they have enough seats?). The main question of the event is ‘What and Who Needs Funding in Wales’? An emotion-loaded question for a lot of us reading this, I would imagine! Personally, I’m going to this event because there is plenty of funding that Cardiff Feminist Network could do with having and it would be great to get some insight into the workings-out of the people who award funding in Wales. Who knows? This could spell the beginning of some more exciting times for CFN.

Details for this event can be found here.

The second event, perhaps of more relevance to CFN members, is the Women’s Equality Network conference on June 21st at the Coal Exchange. The theme of this particular event is ‘CEDAW – Your Rights as Women In Wales’. EXCITING! An actual conference organised by feminists for feminist for free! Which, to my mind, is such a refreshing event because women in Wales tend not to have a fat lot of cash. Not the ones I know, anyway. However, you are more than welcome to make a donation to WEN if you so wish. This will help them to put on more free events in the future.

More details for this event can be found here.



Counter Vigil Against Anti-Abortionists in Cardiff

20 Feb
Hi all, 
I’ve received this message from Hannah, local activist:
’40 Days For Life’, an anti-abortion religious group, is currently holding prayer vigils across the UK outside abortion centres – including the BPAS clinic on St Mary Street in Cardiff – for the duration of Lent, i.e. until 23rd March. I’ve spoken with the manager of the clinic and she’s had women going in there crying having been harassed by these people upon entering the clinic, and has had to call the police on more than one occasion.
A group of pro-choice activists is planning a series of activities, listed below.
TODAY (Weds 20th February)
40 Days For Life Founder in Cardiff
Today, 40 Days For Life founder David Bereit will be attending the Cardiff vigil. Activists are encouraging pro-choicers to get down there (just by Howells on St Mary St) between 4pm and 8pm (after the clinic closes; we don’t want to protest during opening hours, to avoid further intimidating the women using BPAS services).
Pro-Choice Counter-Protests
There will be banners, flyers, music, and a collection for the clinic, outside the clinic – near Howells on St Mary St, Cardiff. Please come down and join in!
This is a pretty difficult time for staff working at the clinic; activists are encouraging pro-choice supporters to send the clinic staff cards to show that they have plenty of support from the general public and organisations (chocolates, cake, flowers etc probably wouldn’t go amiss either!).
The Cardiff address to send cards etc to is:
BPAS Cardiff
1st Floor
Elgin House
106-7 St Mary Street
CF10 1DX
If you don’t live in Cardiff but there is a 40 Days For Life protest outside a BPAS clinic near you, you can find out your local clinic’s address here: https://www.bpas.org/bpaslocations.php
Activists have set up a donation page online, where you can donate for each day that the vigils continue – meaning that effectively, 40 Days For Life are facilitating the raising of funds for the clinics that they target. You can donate securely (and anonymously if you wish) online here.


You can find out more about 40 Days For Life here: http://www.40daysforlife.com/
There is a Facebook page for the pro-choice Cardiff group here:

Work for Welsh Women’s Aid!

13 Feb

Welsh Women’s Aid are now looking for a Children & Young People’s Policy & Participation Officer. You can find more details about the job and application process on the WWA website. Good luck, y’all.